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Hey There, Handsome

Hey There, Handsome

Day 58-a picture with your hair all done.

I’m pretty bad at styling my hair, so it’s either straightened or natural curls. But, for a special occasion, I might take a shot at something vintage-y.


Well, fancy that! I still have a blog!

Well, fancy that! I still have a blog!

The long-neglected 100 day photo challenge that I refuse to quit quitting–Day 57: a picture of you in your backyard. Or, a family member’s backyard, because any time I’m in my own backyard, its to weed and I hope nobody is taking pictures of me in my dirty yard-work clothes!

Sock it to me!

Ah, Febru-hairy.  My favorite made-up month, as of this moment.

The idea, I suppose, is to try a different hairstyle every day.  My plan is to occasionally try something new, and also try different variations of stuff I already do.

Today I tried a different way to do a sock bun.  I discovered sock buns a couple weeks ago, but they use a lot of bobby pins and I always end up with sock peeking through my hair.

This way is so much better.

The video’s not the greatest, but it’s short.  In short:  Put your hair in a ponytail, cut the toe off of a sock, roll it up. Slip the sock donut around the end of your ponytail, and then roll the hair around the sock until you have a bun!  I like to tuck my hair into the donut a little bit more than this girl, mostly because it makes the rest of the rolling easier. Her look is a little drunkier messier.

Breakdown of Cleaning Time

V & I are having Christmas tomorrow (finally!), so I need to clean my room up a little bit. Here’s how I expect tomorrow morning to go:

Just substitute “cat” with “myself”, and it looks pretty accurate.


. . .and maybe I found this lovely chart yesterday while I was “cleaning my room”. . . just maybe


Oh, and I also need to wrap V’s presents.  Because, you know, 3 months wasn’t enough time to get that done. . .

Go Babies!

Day 56 – A picture of you all bundled up

This seems particularly appropriate for today.

This is from the 2011 March for Life in Washington.  Today marks the 39th anniversary of Roe v Wade. And since I’m not feeling particularly preachy this evening, let’s just leave it at “hopefully there won’t be a 40th”.

Oft Forgotten But Not Abandoned

The 100 day challenge–part 55: A picture of your last year.

I think that about sums it up.

Dance Step Demons

The Charleston is a devil of a thing.  I love it.  And I hate it.

We have a history, you see.  It took me months, months, I tell you, to learn how to get into side-by-side Charleston without getting completely flustered.  And once I learned side-by-side, turning Charleston didn’t seem so intimidating.

Except that I couldn’t turn in the shoes I had.  Luckily, my birthday came a few months early, and with it my magic dancing shoes.  Suede bottoms = Laurie, the turning Charleston rock star.

And finally, after several more months of frustration, I have (mostly) mastered getting into tandem Charleston.  Getting out is SO easy, now that I’ve gotten an explanation.

But last night, various leads broke out not one, not two, but seven new Charleston variations.

Good grief.

I feel a bit like Calvin–there are so many variations that I will never catch up. But at least I’m trying.

*This shows several of the variations I mentioned.  I can probably do about half of them.