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Take 2

After abandoning this effort to blog for approximately 6 months and being completely dissatisfied with what I wrote before, here I go again.

Made a delicious chicken pot pie for dinner, and Brenda came over to catch up on Bones, one of my most favouritist shows, after which we got into a conversation about, of course, boys, which led to our finding He’s Just Not That Into You on the shelf o’DVDs and popping that in.  And, at the beginning, IT IS FULL OF LIES!  Okay, fine, maybe lies is a bit harsh.  How about deliberately misleading overly dynamic cast of characters?  Yeah, that sounds good.

I mean, really, movie-maker-people, I know you’re trying to make a statement or something, but can’t a girl just enjoy a chick flick once every few years?  Why must you purposely deceive me in my judgements on fictional people?  Can’t I just let my brain rot every so often?

Speaking of brain rot, this is NOT the movie for that, because it’s one of those let’s-be-cryptic-and-make-all-the-characters-connected-but-not-make-the-connections-obvious/clear kinds of movies.  So I spent half (okay, all) of the movie drawing a mental spiderweb in my head making all the connections in my head.  And I hate spiderwebs.  And apparently chick flicks.  But I kinda already knew that.  Plus, this was kind of a couple of year old movie anyways, so I’m way behind with this rant.

In other news:  school is still there, and I learned an AWESOME new way to teach grammar.  Will be using it over the next few days to review/reteach the stuff I stumbled through before.  Honestly, I thought I had some pretty good lessons earlier this year, but my kids couldn’t tell me the verb in a sentence like “He is tall,” so they basically bombed.

Umm, started running again this week.  After a 6 month hiatus.  It hurts.

Aaaand, I foolishly volunteered myself to organize a wine tasting for the young adult group I belong to/diocesan young adult program.  So I guess I’ll be working on that this weekend.

Bon nuit, mes petit choux!


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