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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Nun’s Puffs and Birthday Parties

April, I have learned, is quite the exciting  month for birthdays.  As such, I have been celebrating with much gusto, at various parties.  Unfortunately, my camera doesn’t party as hard as I do, so there are only a couple of birthday photos.

S–A–T-U-R–D-A-Y night a group of us went to Chima’s, a Brazilian steakhouse for the Bird’s birthday.  There were many, many Brazilian(-ish) men parading around in gaucho pants and knee-high boots with swords of meat.  It was enough to make any carnivorous girl swoon.  Especially when you flip your little chip to orange and the men in big pants flock to you, offering choice cuts of meat.  Filet mignon wrapped in bacon?  How could I say no?

Later, there was singing in Portuguese.
And a giant tiramisu–hooray!

The next morning, I decided to make Nun’s puffs.  And I was going to show you pictures, but it is late, and my computer is being crappity slow, so call me a tease and we’ll talk about those another day.  Like tomorrow.