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The 4077th

Day 03- a picture of the cast of your favorite show

Since my favorites change on a weekly basis, I picked two shows I’ve watched a lot of recently.


I remember watching M*A*S*H with my dad when I was little and we lived in MD.  As the show ended in ’83, we must have been watching reruns.  I really don’t remember a lot about the show from then, aside from a lot of laugh tracks, army green, and my mother declaring, “I can’t believe they can say that on T.V.!”

When I was recently without cable, I saw M*A*S*H on sale at the local Tar-jay and decided it was worth the investment.  I love the dark humor, Alan Alda, and even though the supporting characters change fairly frequently, each one is very human and well-acted.

On a side note, Dad and I also watched Alf (which Mom also did not approve of), and which I have no desire to watch now.

The second show I picked is Lie to Me, which I have been watching on Netflix (curse you, instant video streaming).  I tell myself it’s informational so that I can justify 4 episodes in a row.  I’m learning to read faces, people. Don’t test me.

Also, I love Brendan Hines.  And that rogue curl.  And his smirk.

I think I’m done now.

And his pirate eye.



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  1. Good show. Too bad Fox will probably cancel it. Hate Fox.


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