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So Beelicious!

Day 07 – a picture of the person you do the most messed up things with

This is my lovely friend Bee.  Also known as Souther Ginger.  We’ve been friends for almost forever.  Or since college.  And this BEEautiful snapshot is from her bachelorette party (as you may have guessed), shortly before leaving for the drag show, where I was pick-pocketed by a drag queen.  And if that wasn’t enough drama for the night, the other bridesmaid and I lost Bee.  We lost our bride. Obviously, we are the worst bridesmaids ever.  Minus the getting her drunk and partying with drag queens part.  Besides, we found her so it was okay.

Other messed up things we have done? It’s a long list, but a few highlights include polka-dancing in the street, silly tourist pictures, bizarre baking projects, and okay, we’re kinda good little girls and don’t really do stupid stuff.

Usually. . .


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