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Day 12 – a picture of your favorite memory

Picking one favorite memory is so very unfair.  But, to play by the rules, I chose this picture from a retreat I went on my sophomore year of college.

Encounter was an amazing weekend.  Sadly, I was still living in the age of disposable cameras then, and didn’t end up with many pictures.  This one was posted on Facebook seven or eight years after it was taken, but I can close my eyes and it feels like yesterday.  Except that I don’t remember many names.

This was my table (table 1!) for the long weekend, and we did a lot of soul searching and baring together.  It’s amazing how close you can come to a few people over the course of four days.  Leaving that mountain on the fourth day was so incredibly hard.  Physically, I left with little more than I came with; a hand full of papers, a notebook, a CD.

I also took away so many memories. . .singing in the lodge, visiting the giant tree, sitting peacefully on a tire swing by the brook, seeing a deer pass by outside the window during Mass, the peacefulness of an evening spent in communal silence.

Most of all, I found a greater understanding of God and finally understood something I so desperately needed to hear that particular year.

I am loved.


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