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Oh, Temptation

Day 21 – a picture of something you wish you could forget

There aren’t really any memories I want to forget.  I can thing of things that are hard to remember: my grandmother’s funeral, middle school, fights and break-ups.  But as cliche as it may sound, those things built me.  I am better because of those experiences.


J. K. Rowling really ticked me off with this little bit.  I didn’t believe it when I heard it existed.  Then I turned that last fateful page and saw the words above.

“NO!” I yelled, slamming the book shut.  I walked off, mourning the end of a beloved series, and hopped in the shower, where all true grieving takes place.

I roamed around the apartment.

I got dressed.

I stared at the book.

And then, because I have no self-control, I caved in and read the epilogue.

I could have done better myself, J.K.

And if I could forget one thing, that horribly written bit of drivel would be it!


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