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I only dance in the street with strange men on special occasions

Day 22 – a picture of something two things you wish you were better at

These things go together like gay hairdressers and tight black t-shirts.

Thing number one I wish I was better at:  dancing.

This particular picture is from Oktoberfest in the streets of Fredericksburg, circa 2009.  I am polka dancing.

Polka dancing isn’t really the type of dancing I wish I was better at.  I wish I was better at most other types of dancing.  Salsa, swing, cha-cha, waltz.  That’s more the type I want to improve in.

Part two of this picture is boys.  Not this particular one, who I haven’t seen since (or before this dance, for that matter).  But dating in general.  My loyal reader(s?) may recall that metro fiasco that was my last date.  Really, though, the getting dates is the hard part.  Probably because I’m not so proactive about getting them.  Call me old-fashioned.  I won’t object.

P.S. I don’t really have a man-hand like this picture implies.  It’s totally proportional to the rest of my non-man-sized body.

P.P.S.  These things go together because ideally men like taking women dancing.  If they’re smart, they know it is worth the sacrifice.  If they’re perfect, they know how to lead.


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