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It’s like a national holiday

Day 27 – a picture of yourself and a family member

Every July, on the Saturday closest to the 13th, my mom’s side of the family has a crab feast.  We don’t call it a family reunion, although I guess it would qualify as such.  It’s just the crab feast.  Just 50 or so of your closest family members, a giant white canopy, and a few bushels of crabs.  And burgers and dogs and other picnic style food to tide you over while you pick a few crustaceans and catch up with the cousins.

Unfortunately, this picture was taken towards the end of this year’s festivities, and is missing a few of the usual suspects.  It’s still a great shot of 4 generations on a hot summer day.  Grandma and Sister Michael are our matriarchs, Christopher, Tina, Mark, and Eric are my mom’s siblings (as are Stephen and Albie, who weren’t in attendance this year), and that row of lovely ladies in the middle is just a smattering of my cousins.  Not to mention the latest and greatest great-grandbabies frolicking in the foreground!

This July, we’ll have two more cousins married since last year, and two more great-grandbabies.  Somehow, there will still be enough crabs to go around.


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