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Just another cover letter…

I found this on a jump drive I found in a jewelry box I found in the closet in the house that Jack built where I live.

It just goes to show how much I’ve changed in my love of cover-letter-writing in the last four years.  Or ever.

Dear Ms. B—,

Cover letters *edited to save your precious eyes*.   Save yourself some time and read my resume.  It has all the information you need, and this just ends up being repetitive.  But if you insist. . .

It would be fun to help open a new museum.

I like to teach people.

I am good at writing lesson plans.

I have dealt with a variety of people via my teaching experiences, from first grade to seventh eighth grade students, parents (both disgruntled and otherwise), colleagues, and supervisors with a wide array of administrative styles.*

I like museums.  Especially the kind with bones.  You don’t have bones at your museum, but that’s cool; I’ll work for you anyways.

I am a good writer, despite what you may see in this letter.

I have a degree in education, as well as a current VA teaching license.

I have lots of leadership experience.

I have taught other adults in a volunteer capacity.

I like doing volunteer work and would like to find a job that allows me to help others expand their volunteer experiences.*

Love and kisses,

These, I believe are what I started with, and if tweaked slightly, would be somewhere near the neighborhood of acceptable.  See, I did have good intentions when I wrote this.



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  1. Cover letters do f-ing suck ass (not caring about precious eyes here). I was reading online last night (as I was writing your cover letter) as to WHY cover letters are necessary. It turns out that employers have changed how they look at them; thus we change how we write them; thus it’s still a pile of suck but a different pile of suck. Which always sucks.


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