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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Sock it to me!

Ah, Febru-hairy.  My favorite made-up month, as of this moment.

The idea, I suppose, is to try a different hairstyle every day.  My plan is to occasionally try something new, and also try different variations of stuff I already do.

Today I tried a different way to do a sock bun.  I discovered sock buns a couple weeks ago, but they use a lot of bobby pins and I always end up with sock peeking through my hair.

This way is so much better.

The video’s not the greatest, but it’s short.  In short:  Put your hair in a ponytail, cut the toe off of a sock, roll it up. Slip the sock donut around the end of your ponytail, and then roll the hair around the sock until you have a bun!  I like to tuck my hair into the donut a little bit more than this girl, mostly because it makes the rest of the rolling easier. Her look is a little drunkier messier.


Breakdown of Cleaning Time

V & I are having Christmas tomorrow (finally!), so I need to clean my room up a little bit. Here’s how I expect tomorrow morning to go:

Just substitute “cat” with “myself”, and it looks pretty accurate.


. . .and maybe I found this lovely chart yesterday while I was “cleaning my room”. . . just maybe


Oh, and I also need to wrap V’s presents.  Because, you know, 3 months wasn’t enough time to get that done. . .