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A short backtrack

Day 17 – a picture of somethingone that has been an influence in your life recently

Dear Jen,

The first thing on my blog to-do list is to write a thank-you letter to someone who influenced me.  Of course, you suggested I write a thank you note to you for being awesome.  I’m gonna guess you didn’t know that I already planned that. 😛  Here’s the problem:  I’m not sure words can say just how awesome you are.

I’m not sure I can put a finger on exactly when our friendship began, but I’m pretty sure it really took off when I started trying to steal your babies.  You were even foolish enough to leave me alone with your first-born son.  Lucky for you, I knew better than to try and steal a sleeping baby.  You have to get them when they’re awake and happy and full of candy.  Or milk.  Duh.

When I came to visit you for a few days in June two summers back, I didn’t expect to end up staying all summer.  Bribing me with not one, but two babies, was a stroke of genius.  I also didn’t expect the kind of friendship I found.

Over the last few years, you have been one of the only people I can turn to with any problem.  You didn’t judge me when I left teaching, even when I was judging myself.  Instead, you opened your home to me and let me move in when I didn’t know what was next in life.

When I agonize over the plight of singledom, you tell me stories to make me laugh about your own dating adventures, sign me up for singles websites, and try to pick up guys for me at the farmer’s market or on the dance floor.  It amazes me the way you can spot my insecurities before I even mention them, and you always manage to find a way to make me forget my doubts.

Your faith has also been an immeasurable influence on me.  I watch you turn to God every day, in the good moments and the bad, and it inspires me to do the same.  Your relationship with the Lord makes me strive to know Christ with the same intimacy.  Not only have you been an inspiration, but you have pushed me to learn why I believe what I do, both personally and as a Catholic.  Your hard questions make me think about my own relationship with God on an individual level.  Catechetically, you challenge me to delve into the Bible and the magisterium to find answers to doctrinal questions I can’t answer on my own.

More than anything else, Jen, you’ve made me feel like family.  When I have a bad day, I know I don’t have to go back to a house with a roommate who is a stranger and nobody to talk to.  If I ever need a hug (or a piece of chocolate), I know you’ll be there with open arms and a box of Godiva.  We’ve taken each other to the ER, shared countless cups of coffee, mocked endless hours of children’s programming, and made more polygamy jokes than most husbands would be comfortable with.

So, my dear wife/big sister/best friend a girl could ask for, thank you.  For being awesome.  And for being you.


photo credit to baby bird #1!


The birds and the butterflies

So my son from another mother and I were playing in the castle.  After a brief refresher on how to wake up slumbering princesses, I thanked my lovely (if somewhat rough) Prince Charming.  Here’s a recap of a conversation:

Me: Thank you for waking me up, Prince Charming!

Eric: I’m not a prince, I’m Eric!

Me: You’re not a prince?

E: No.  Mommy is a prince.

Me: No, sweetie, Mommy is a girl so she’s a princess.  Boys are princes, girls are princesses.

E: Are you a princess?

Me: Yes! Who else is a princess?

E: Mommy.

Me: Yes, Mommy is a princess!  What about Daddy? Is Daddy a princess?

E: No, Daddy is a boy.

Me: So that makes Daddy. . .

E: (in a very solemn voice) hmmmm. . .a butterfly?

Me: bahahahahahahahaha!  Good job, kiddo!

I’ve got friends in strange places.

For example, at a Monday Night Football themed baby shower.

True story.  Here are the pictures to prove it:

Beer tastes better from a baby bottle.