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Dance Step Demons

The Charleston is a devil of a thing.  I love it.  And I hate it.

We have a history, you see.  It took me months, months, I tell you, to learn how to get into side-by-side Charleston without getting completely flustered.  And once I learned side-by-side, turning Charleston didn’t seem so intimidating.

Except that I couldn’t turn in the shoes I had.  Luckily, my birthday came a few months early, and with it my magic dancing shoes.  Suede bottoms = Laurie, the turning Charleston rock star.

And finally, after several more months of frustration, I have (mostly) mastered getting into tandem Charleston.  Getting out is SO easy, now that I’ve gotten an explanation.

But last night, various leads broke out not one, not two, but seven new Charleston variations.

Good grief.

I feel a bit like Calvin–there are so many variations that I will never catch up. But at least I’m trying.

*This shows several of the variations I mentioned.  I can probably do about half of them.