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Peace, Love, and Reading!

Day whatever I’m on – a picture taken at school.

Sitting at my feet is an album full of pictures, dating from middle school through college.  I have lots of pictures from high school.  I look like I’m 9 in most of them.  However, they are on paper and I don’t own a scanner.  So instead, you get pictures from my classroom.

My fourth year teaching, I decided I needed to jazz up my classroom library, especially since I would be teaching Reading three periods a day.  And what is better than a classroom library?  Why, a reading nook, of course.  But I’m sure you already knew that!

Before (almost–forgot to take a picture of the blank wall)

Imagine the wall is bare.  Reading is booooooooooooring.





Reading is awesome!  Middle-school aged boys especially love pillows.  Best reward?  You may have a pillow at your desk for the whole period.

And a close-up of my wall-art:

Reading is psychedelic.


Bob invades VA. A true text message story.

This conversation just happened. And made me cringe inside.

V: I just saw a commercial for Bob‘s opening in Hyattsville and Tysons. Better move further south.
Me: Dammit. I may never escape.
V: Better just give in now.
Me: Noooo never! I did not invite Bob to “come on down” to the south. How did he make it past the Mason-Dixon line?
V: Dem rebels must’ve let down their guard.
Me: Slackers. That’s why they lost the war.
V: Something like that. Maybe you should man your cannon now.
Me: Did you read my blog  today?

On a side note, it appears as though Bob has gotten too old and decrepit looking to do his own ads, and now has a cartoon Bob to take his place. NOT an improvement.