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Let’s take a ride in an automobile!

Day 53- a picture of you in a car


The birds and the butterflies

So my son from another mother and I were playing in the castle.  After a brief refresher on how to wake up slumbering princesses, I thanked my lovely (if somewhat rough) Prince Charming.  Here’s a recap of a conversation:

Me: Thank you for waking me up, Prince Charming!

Eric: I’m not a prince, I’m Eric!

Me: You’re not a prince?

E: No.  Mommy is a prince.

Me: No, sweetie, Mommy is a girl so she’s a princess.  Boys are princes, girls are princesses.

E: Are you a princess?

Me: Yes! Who else is a princess?

E: Mommy.

Me: Yes, Mommy is a princess!  What about Daddy? Is Daddy a princess?

E: No, Daddy is a boy.

Me: So that makes Daddy. . .

E: (in a very solemn voice) hmmmm. . .a butterfly?

Me: bahahahahahahahaha!  Good job, kiddo!

So I got a little distracted

I was supposed to be looking for a picture that describes my life.  Somehow I found this:

Which made me laugh.  Who doesn’t need to know how to draw a camel in 3 easy steps?

And then I found this:

I think this is from some movie about a mouse that I never saw, but I love the song “Somewhere out there” from said movies, and I feel like it sums up my life, because right now I feel like I’m just waiting for things to happen (in many areas of life).

Then I decided this about sums my life up:  just me dancing around.  Of course, the music is all in my head.

Watch out for those feet–they’ve got some crazy moves!

I’ve got friends in strange places.

For example, at a Monday Night Football themed baby shower.

True story.  Here are the pictures to prove it:

Beer tastes better from a baby bottle.