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This post is for the dogs.

Day 36 – a picture of your pet.

My family had two dogs when I was growing up.  The first dog was Sparky.  He was a spitz, which translates to “ball of white fur” in modern English.

This isn’t actually Sparky, but looks like how I remember him.  Sparky was also a really picky eater.  And epileptic.  It was very scary when he had seizures.  My mom would take him to the basement when it happened so we didn’t get too freaked out.  When we moved to CT, Sparky was put down.  He was about 11, I guess.

Our next dog was named Prozac of South Windsor.  True story.

We got Zack when I was in 7th grade, and he lived a VERY long life–he was about 14 when my mom finally had him put down two years ago.

I also just remembered about the fish my sister and I had when we were little.  I think the baby-sitter gave them to us.  They looked kind of like this:

They also led lonely lives in separate bowls, until one day Rose Red made the magical journey from the toilet to the big sea in the sky where all good fish go.  The other fish, in case you were wondering, was named Blue Bell.  I think mine was Rose Red, named after one of my favorite fairy tales at the time.

One day I will have my own dog.  I’m thinking the second from the left.  Or the one on top.

Or the smooshy looking one in the middle.  Or…