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The List

Who doesn’t have a life to-do list? I have a giant book of things to do, but I thought throwing a few of the more attainable ones up here would be good motivation. As I accomplish said things, I shall write about them. All for you, dear reader.

1. Write a thank you letter to someone who influenced me.  A “Love Ya” letter 6-27-11
2. Read six works of non-fiction a year. To be reviewed here for your perusal.
3. Win NaNoWriMo.
4. Go parasailing.
5. Go hiking at least three times this summer.
6. Make a sundress.
7. Find a new job.
8. Go on a blind date.
9. Visit Philadelphia. Eat a cheesesteak while I’m there. Check out national landmarks, like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.


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  1. I can help you out…

    1) Write a thank you note to Jen because she is awesome.

    2)Read Bonk, The Male Brain, the Female Brain, 1776, Gettysburg, and the Killer Angels.

    3)WTF is NaNoWritMo?

    4)Myrtle Beach. This summer. Nuf said.

    5)My parents place near the Blue Ridge Parkway. There are also about 3 great wineries nearby. So you can go DRUNK hiking.

    6)How ’bout a pillow dress for a cute but cranky 2 year old?

    7)New Job: Jen’s super-cool nanny. Pay sucks, but the benefits rock. Plus free room and board.

    8)Done! Of course, it may be over Skype because all my single male friends live elsewhere. Does that Skype session with Wes count?? John does at least one interview a week through his job though, so things are looking up. Assuming he starts asking relevant questions…

    9)Wes used to live in Philly. The cheese-steaks are overrated. The liberty bell is a bit of a let-down… I mean, it has a CRACK in it. ;->
    And Philly is also America’s Fattest City, so this doesn’t bode well for merging with #8. Or it might up your chance for #8, but you might not be happy.

    Your welcome.


    • HappilyEverOnward

      10. Teach Jen and the rest of the world their homophones: you’re/your; there/their/they’re; then/than, etc.

      1. Okay
      2. I’m already behind on this
      3. National Novel Writing Project, which happens in the best month of the year, November.
      4. Sa-weeet!
      5. That sounds like a bad combination. Do you know me but at all??
      6. Still need to buy appropriate notions.
      7. I was hoping for better hours.
      8. No. I was not fed.
      9. I hear the cheesesteaks also have crack in them.


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